8 differences between CFA and CPA Programs

Define CFA

CFA is known as “Chartered Financial Analyst” Program is a professional certification offered by internationally recognized CFA Institute from USA, formerly known as the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) for the investment and financial professionals.

CFAis a globally respected certification and is widely considered to be the gold standard in the field of investment analysis.It is a graduate level investment credential established in the year 1962 and awarded by CFA Institute, which is the largest global association of investment professionals.Presently there are more than 123,000 CFA charter holders working in 145 nations globally.

In that respect are three stages of exams with areas covering, such every bit-

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Ethics
  • Money Management
  • Security Analysis

The CFA level one test is conducted twice per year in the month of June and December.
The main areas such as-

  • Ethical and Professional Standards
  • Quantitative Methods, Economics
  • Financial Reporting &Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Equity Investments
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Investments
  • Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Planning

The level 2 exam is only conducted once per year in the month of June.

The tier 3 exam is also only conducted one time per year in the month of June. It concentrates on effective wealth planning and portfolio management by involving the candidate to learn and know all the concepts and analytical methods in the entire syllabus.

To become a CFA charter holder, a candidate should ask one of the following educational requirements.He or she should have four years of professional work experience with a bachelor’s degree or should be appearing in the final year of the bachelor’s degree or combining of both professional work experience and education totaling should be about four years. Of the candidates those are undergraduate qualification, the bachelor’s degree shouldget completed before registering for the Level II exam. In addition to this educational requirement, the candidate should have an international passport, with completing the assessment in English, should require the professional conduct admission criteria, and should live in a country from where the candidate is participating.

Define CPA

CPA program is a certification of expertise in the area of accounting.Only those CPA professionals can supply an opinion to the public regarding publicly distributed financial statements.CPA is also known as a Certified Public Accountant is a professional certification offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in order to maintain industry wide professional standards.

The CPA’s basic function is to help business’s needs.CPA program includes such as-

  • Tax preparation
  • Financial statements
  • Financial planning
  • Forensic accounting
  • Internal auditing
  • Income tax

CPA, is an accounting professional who has passed the Uniform CPA examination and has also gained additional state certification and experience requirements. To become a CPA, the candidate shouldfulfil the following criteria such as-

  • Complete a college degree inaccountingsector
  • Should pass the Uniform CPA Examination
  • Should have a certain amount of professional work experience in accounting at least fortwoyears

The CPA exam is prepared and sorted out by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.The CPA examination has four sections such as-

  • Auditing and attestation
  • • Financial accounting and reporting
  • • Regulation
  • • Business environment and concepts

CPA examination also involves sections such as-

  • Writing skills exercise
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Case studies

CPA certified professionals are asked to fill in a minimum number of continuing professional training (CPE) courses in order to keep the CPA designation.CPA program eligibilityrequirementsvary from one to anotherstate,butrequiredsuccessful to complete the four partCPAexamination.

CPA professionals are well respected strategic business advisors and decision makers. They work as consultants on many situations that including taxes and accounting. A CPAprofessional is a trusted financial advisor who helps individuals, businesses, and other entities to plan and reach their financial goals to gain success.

Now 5 differences between CFA and CPA programs

There are certain differences between financial professionals and Accountants with their designations. Accountants and Financial personals are both important members of the financial area, but sometimes the distinctions between the functional area performed by both the professionals are indefinite this makes the difference and distinguishes a CPA from a CFA.

1 Stands for Charted Financial Analyst Stands for Certified Public Accountant
2 Administered by CFA Institute Administered by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
3 Professionals should maintain strict codes of conduct and high standards of ethics and integrity. Professionals should meet state’s requirements for membership into the institute’s ranks.
4 Professionals are likely to receive and analyze reports produced by a CPA or other accountant. Professionals involved in tax reporting and filing
5 Professionals recommend to their clients on how to invest on securities on the basis of public companies annual report that are prepared by CPA professionals. Professionals helps clients and companies in terms of minimizing taxes and maximizing profitability
6 A professional analyzes the growth and profitability of companies and their creditworthiness and the amount of debt they carry. Professional’s advices on different forms of business companies and the benefits and advantages of each in different situations.
7 Professionals are qualified to perform personal financial planning and wealth management. Professionals are trained to advise clients who have been audited or require audited reports.
8 If a client has a large sum of money and wish to invest, then he should hire a CFA pers If a client needs help preparing their taxes, then he should hire a CPA personal.
Industry recognition is good. Industry recognition is very excellent. Industry recognition is moderate.


As per the above table, both the programs have its own distinct level of functions which is very important to maintain the financial areas of any individual person or a company for their business growth. Hope this article may help and understand to know the various differences between CFA and CPA programs in the area of finance. To know more about CFA and CPA programs and get registered logon to our website URLs.

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Are you looking forward to know close to today’s new trends in Finance?

Firstly, we need to interpret what the finance is:

The management of money or cashis called as Finance.This is practiced to build wealth or assets.In other terms, Finance is reported in two different tasks, such as-

  • The analysis of how money is managed
  • The exact procedure of receiving required capitals or funds

This consists of various facets such as-

  • Saving money
  • Investing of money
  • Lending of money
  • Borrowing of money
  • Budgeting of money
  • Forecasting of money

In Finance, there are 3 different types of entities such as-

  • Government / Public sector
  • Corporate sector
  • Personal

The act of finance is the implementation of a set of skills that individuals and companies use to manage their financial businesses. Now finance is well ordered as a branch of economics. There are certain main characteristics of finance such as-

  • Opportunity of investment
  • Opportunity of making profit
  • Favorable associate of funds
  • Internal controls of the organization
  • We make decisions based on perceptions of the future

As all know, finance is concerned with money. As every business transaction involves cash directly or indirectly. It provides the necessary funds required for the purpose of business by entities such as –

  • Organizations
  • Companies
  • Firms
  • Individuals

With the major terms and conditions those are most favorable to achieve their economic and financial goals.

Today’s new trends in Finance

Today the evolution of Digital Technology has changed the environment of the financial services sector. Now a day’sbankoffers financial planning and business applications through modern gadgets and technology such as-

  • Smartphones
  • Cloud computing
  • Social media

These are now quite acceptable by the people worldwide.So, these new technology trends emerging can break down the blocks between business and technology strategies. There are few today’s new trends emerging in finance are given under such as-

  • Rise of Cryptocurrency and regularity of Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency is also known as Bitcoins. One of the main features of Cryptocurrency depends on a technology known as Blockchain. It is a technology that depends on a global network, together manages a shared database that which records transactions on a public ledger. It is considerably recognized for its good security system. Its digital ledger has the potential to make much more tamper-proof, secure and everything happens in real-time. This technology can be really helpful for banking sectors.

  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Now a day financial institutionis planning on how they can implement artificial intelligence to their business to gain advantages such as-

    • Decrease in cost
    • Rise in revenue
    • Reduce of fraudulent
    • Improvement in customer experience

    Artificial Intelligence can be divided into 3 types such as –

    • Cognitive Automation
    • Cognitive Engagement
    • Cognitive Insights

    Artificial Intelligence can impact on finance in many ways such as –

    • Compliance
    • Management
    • Operations
    • Sales
  • Drive of technology adoption for revenue recognition
  • Cloud technology is one of the best options for the finance sector to opt and get adaptedto its new standards such as IFRS 15 and ASC 606. This helps and is designed to reduce complications and to improve statement comparability which makes the financial process to run smoothly.

  • Emerging fromthe new software’s which can do more than only log data
  • Today, most of the manual entries of data are getting outdated in financial sectors. Now financial entities are more trusting in data as an application which make automate workflow and allows real time suggestions, collaborations and data driven decision making more cost effective, less time consuming and providing security to the entire process.

  • Global change planning
  • Finance sectors should be always ready to analyze and get prepared for the impact of things such as-

    • Economic conditions
    • Political conditions
    • Societal social events

    This may put an effect primarily on the financial organizations.So, for this to avoid business intelligence and predictive algorithm tools can ease the financial sectors to make more informed decisions taken to navigate the economic condition in whatever state it is.

  • Funding in Cyber Security
  • As technology evolves to grow, basically in the financial services sector, the risk involved in security measures of preventing cyber related crimes will continue to grow. This cybersecurity and risks will be a main preliminary concern, issue for many banks around the world. Then, with the more increase in hackers, most of the huge companies which are initially involved with financial services will place more money in study processes and resolutions that aim to potentially decrease cyber risks by getting best out of it to avoid major risks of getting compromised or cut.


It is now to change old strategies and manual process to get totally computerized, as we all are coming up with new technologies and different new trends in financial sectors and make oneself prepared to adapt with the new era of modern technology in financial business. So, hope this article will help you to understand and know the new trends in financial sectors. To know further you can log on to our website URL:http://edudelphi.com/ae/finance-courses-dubai/

Article on CFA Charter

What is CFA?

If you are interested in a financialadvisory and portfolio management career, and looking for a cost effective certification that will give you global recognition and an intense understanding of finance, then considering CFA program or course is the best ever option. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. This Program is a professional credential offered by CFA Institute, USA. After passing and completion of CFA course or program, one will have the grip and structure on various concepts such as–

Accessing Current Industry Practice.
Learn about Moral Principles and Professional Standards.
Knowing Academic Theory of Finance in depth.
To gain and provide a sturdy foundation on Advanced Investment Analysis and Real World Portfolio Management Skills.

A candidate who successfully completed this program is awarded the CFA charter and becomes a CFA charter holder.The CFA charter is one of the highest distinctions you can earn in the Investment and Finance Management Profession.CFA program assists you getting specialized in a broad range of investment specialties that can be applied in regional and global markets.To become a CFA Charter, one has to give a series of exams:

  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Level III

The minimum duration to clear all three exams is of about 3 years. CFA deals with various aspects of finance as one learns almost everything from definition of portfolio to building and maintain a diverse portfolio.

About CFA Charter

The CFA charter is furnished by the CFA Institute to Finance and Investment Professionals. If anyone wants to get into roles such as –

Equity Research
Investment Banking
Private Equity
Risk Management
Portfolio Management

To become a CFA, there are 3 steps to follow

Registering to CFA Program.
Successively passing 3 levels Exam.
Earning CFA Institute Membership.

CFA CharterBenefits

After completion of 3 levels, ensures that one is equipped with hands on clarity and knowledge in the investment industry. CFA Charter also helps in gaining and improving reputation with your employers, colleagues and clients. There are also various benefits such as –

Having good respect in the industry

CFA Charter designation is one of the most respected certification amongst the employers.

Gaining strong Credibility

Getting recognized throughout the world as a CFA Carter professional is one of the great credits you have in your career level.It will also help to speak volumes to your credentials and work performance.

  • Getting better job availabilities
  • CFA Charter will significantly boost credentials. Becoming CFA Charter will demonstrate the candidate’s work conduct, analytical abilities, and set of moral principles grounding to employers. CFA Charter will make one gain deep knowledge in the areas of investment analysis, asset management, and evenin moral principles. It will also help to speak volumes to your credentials and work performance. There is nothing like being regarded as expert in the field of finance for career progression.

  • Opportunities in career development
  • Completing the CFA Program allows you to become a CFA Institute member. The CFA Charter open opportunities for a variety of investment related jobs such as –

  • Portfolio manager.
  • Risk manager.
  • Research analyst.
  • Private bankers.
  • Fund of fund managers.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Relationship manager.
  • Financial strategists.
  • Global Recognition
  • CFA charter is recognized by regulators, universities, and certification programs in at least 30 countries and territories. CFA Program has a six-decade history, CFA candidate will also gain unbeaten career resources and relationships, as well as access to jobs around the globe that require a CFA Charter.

  • Expertise in Real world
  • A CFA Charter is considered niche in the larger financial business industry. CFA Charter enables you to gain analytical and expertise skills in quantitative methods, economics, financial reporting, investments analysis, and portfolio management. This set of skills and knowledge will serve most in facing real life situations in the most efficient manner.

  • Affordable cost effective program
  • In comparison to other programs like MBA, CFA Charter only costs $2,400 to $12,000, depending on registration criteria. Further the candidate need not quit the daily job to pursue CFA course. Candidates can manage to study for the CFA Charter exam while at work, unlike full time MBA programs.


    This above article will help to know about CFA and guide on how CFA can boost career opportunities in the financial world. To know more about CFA Charter program and register please visit
    URL: http://edudelphi.com/ae/cfa-course-dubai/

    5 reasons why Finance is important in today’s business?

    What is meant by Finance?

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    The large amount of managing money or cash, basically by huge private and government entities or organization is said to be Finance. It confines with the study and creation of such as –

    • Money matters.
    • Banking system.
    • Credit system.
    • Investments system.
    • Assets and Liabilities.

    This combination of all together that makes up Financial Systems.Finance can be superceded by the word Exchange. It is therefore said as exchange of available resources or art of managing various types of resources. Finance is so important today, it is said to be as soul of all our economic activities.

    Finance is a necessity for acquiring physical resources, which are very important and needed to accomplish productive economic activities and for carrying business functionalism such as–

    • Sales Promotion.
    • Pay Compensations.
    • Unconfirmed Liabilities.
    • Reason for uncertainty and many more.

    Now in today’s situation, finance has become the most important natural function and inseparable part of our daily life process. Finance in more specific is solicited with the management issues such as –

    • Owned funds generated from promoter contribution.
    • Raised funds generated from equity share, preference share, etc.
    • Borrowed funds generated from loans, debentures, overdrafts, etc.

    Finance also at the same time, confines greater approach of managing the assets generated by the business and other valuable liabilities with better organized fashion. There are 2 main types of finances such as –

    • Debt finance is money borrowed from external source like bank.
    • Equity finance were investing your own money from other stakeholders, interchange for partial ownership.

    Finance consists of 3 interconnected areas such as –

    • Management of financial status which involves clarifications and decisions made within the organization.
    • Credit and money markets which deals with the financial institutions and with business securities.
    • Investments of money which focuses on made by both institutional investors and individuals decisions.

    In pertaining to any entity’s management decisions there are 3 types such as –

    • Working Capital Management.
    • Capital Budgeting.
    • Capital Structure.

    Finance is the functional process of business which helps to meet its goals and objectives with responsibilities for acquiring funds for the companies, managing the funds within the companies and planning for the expenditure of funds on various business aspects.

    Now 5 reasons why Finance is important in today’s business?

    Managing finances is a very important business aspect of today, which means having a chance to work toward a stable and rewarding career in financial management field.Financial planning helps in deciding what to spend, when to spend, how to spend and how much to spend according to the funds availability. Here are the below given 5 reasons on importance of finance in today’s business such as –

    • Without financial management business cannot exists
    • In today’s business economy, Small businesses and Entrepreneurship are more on rise that means more positions for financial managers will continue to become much more available. Without aneligible person responsible to manage the incomingand outgoing of money a good business cannot exist.
      As good business generates money, through this generated money paying bills for materials, payment of salary for the employees in an organization are done. Good business earnings happen by selling quality services or products. Managing financial aspects plays a very vital role in progress of any good business.

    • Adequate funds availability
    • Sufficient funds are necessary to meet daily expenses to purchase long term assets for the company’s requirement accordingly; also funds should be there to deal with future unforeseen over costs which may arise. The company should know from where the funds have to be raised and when it should be needed in emergency to deal the monetary crisis.

    • Cash flow management system
    • In an organization, excess cash flow can also become difficult to manage. Having excess amount of funds and not using it in a genuine much useful way is a greater waste of resources. When an organization is having adequate funds they should put it in good
      yielding investments by thinking very wisely. And also make sure that they have expansion future plans and think about new ventures which will gain them huge profits to earn for the long run.

    • Always keeping long term goals
    • Having long term goals in life or business is a very important aspect to keep, once it is done the responsibility has to be fulfilled as per the plan made at any cost to get fulfil the targeted goals to achieve success. In any business entity, financial planning is a process of engaging a proper financial plan to meet its financial goals in a specific time period.

      To have long term financial goals in a business is a very important part, were by doing this many upcoming financial crisisin future can be resolved without any hassle. It is always a good idea to have an early well planning goal, especially in finance sinceinvesting on any good options may earn high returns over the period of time to the company to gain financial stability.So investing money with good thoughtful planning from now will make easier to execute such long term goals.

    • Financial Planning value and importance in a business
    • Financial planning creates immense value to the company, without this any of the business entity cannot function properly. It is a major vital venture for all kinds of businesses worldwide. It is done for an entire year to have control over financial activities of the company. The bigger the company, the bigger will be the size of the team working on financial planning and the greater skilled professionals needed.

      Financial planning needs the entire support of accurate financial analysis and reporting. It has to be done continuously, with this the outcome of the plan also need to be monitored regularly. In any case the approved plan is not working, then the plan has to be modified instantly or new plan has to be made and adopted with immediate effect to run the business successfully without any kind of hindrance occurring in between.

      There are 6 procedures which helps in executing the financial planning of any business such as –

    • Effect of plans evaluating on stock price and financial quotient.
    • To raise the funds identifying exact means to execute systematically.
    • Proper forecasting of sales.
    • Estimation of assets required for supporting sales.
    • Estimation of generated funds within the company.
    • Estimation required for external funds.

    Financial planning always should start before the beginning of any project and should be carried throughout its functioning period of time to have strong control over the finance.


    Now finance has become anatural function and highly impossible partto get split from our day to day lives whether from our personal life or from any business.So this article will yield you the understanding of finance with its reasons why it is so important in today’s business. For more information to know about finance you can logon to our website
    URL: http://edudelphi.com/ae/finance-courses-dubai/