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Why it is so essential to study Digital Marketing in 2022? Digital Marketing is important because it allows you to build, scale up & sustain your brand’s online value through different digital channels and it’s effective in all industries. Digital Marketing skills can make your career versatile. You can also get international job opportunities. Developing … Continue reading “WHY IT IS NECESSARY TO LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING IN 2022”

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How Digital Marketing has evolved in business?

Written By on August 19th, 2021

Introduction The process of using digitalized strategies to communicate online with the target potential consumers for the promotion of products or services is Digital Marketing. Basically, digital marketing works by using a mix of strategies. It uses digital channels for the business to run such as – Search engines Social media Email Websites This helps … Continue reading “How Digital Marketing has evolved in business?”

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Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Written By on August 18th, 2021

About Digital Marketing Marketing of any products or services by using digital technics to gain and attract customers with having acknowledged of main objective to promote different brands through numerous forms of digital media. Especially, it uses different digital marketing strategies to communicate business-specified information to a customer in order to get a genuine response. … Continue reading “Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing”

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5 Ways to pass the CPA Exam in First Attempt

Written By on August 16th, 2021

About CPA – US Exam A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is one of the highest standards of course in the field of Accountancy across the world. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) conducts the CPA exam, which is one of the largest Public Accounting Body in the world. In order to be eligible … Continue reading “5 Ways to pass the CPA Exam in First Attempt”

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Key Performance Indices – Basics

Written By on August 4th, 2021

What are Key Performance Indices (KPIs)? Key performance indices are measurable values of various activities, which happen in an organization. These serve as a guide to a manager to gauge how effectively the stated objectives of the organization are being achieved. Typically KPIs are compared against specific industry-standard benchmarks. In the absence of industry standards, … Continue reading “Key Performance Indices – Basics”

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We all are living in the most difficult times in living memory, after the severe Influenza Pandemic in 1918, wherein 500 million people were infected and 50 million died worldwide. During and post current Covid -19 pandemic, we are witnessing several changes. Especially the work from home (WFH) culture is in vogue out of necessity. … Continue reading “PLANNING AND RE-SKILLING FOR THE POST COVID AGE”

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Exams in the ACCA certification

Written By on June 21st, 2021

There are four ACCA levels that are explained below in detail: Applied Knowledge: this stage gives students an introduction into the world of accounting and finance, and gives them a comprehensive understanding of crucial accounting techniques. There are three units in this module, namely Business and Technology (BT) Management Accounting (MA) and Financial Accounting (FA). … Continue reading “Exams in the ACCA certification”

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Types of ACCA qualifications

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When you are working your way to obtaining ACCA membership, there are a number of qualifications you can acquire throughout your journey. Take a look at some of these qualifications: ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4): you can earn this qualification upon completion of the Applied Knowledge module and the online module … Continue reading “Types of ACCA qualifications”

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New Threats in Cyber Space

Written By on June 21st, 2021

While writing today’s blog on the subject what are the new threats in Cyber Space, I came to conclusion that the threats should not be taken only from the prospects of  the malicious people who carry out cyber-attacks; but it is important to understand the Human factors that contributes towards the situation which weakens the cyber space and … Continue reading “New Threats in Cyber Space”

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Tips as to how to study for the CMA-US, exam while working full time

Written By on June 21st, 2021

How to Study for the CMA Exam Are you a full-time professional looking to earn the designation but don’t know how to study for the CMA exam? If yes, then the good news is that you don’t need to quit your job to make time for its preparation. All you need is effective time management … Continue reading “Tips as to how to study for the CMA-US, exam while working full time”

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