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Blockchain Technology is Set to Transform the Supply Chain

Blockchain Technology is Set to Transform the Supply Chain How Blockchain Can Transform the Supply Chain Supply chain has become complicated. Some would say cumbersome. It takes days to make a payment between a manufacturer and a supplier, or a customer and a vendor. Contractual agreements require the services of lawyers and bankers, each of […]

Why Is Supply Chain Management Necessary in the Current Market?

Why Is Supply Chain Management Necessary in the Current Market? Supply chain management (SCM) is a very important part of any organization as it deals with the effective management of supply chain activities to ensure and maximize customer value and achieve a competitive advantage. Companies who use strategic SCM are able to function at their […]

What’s the Difference Between Warehouses and Distribution Centers?

What’s the Difference Between Warehouses and Distribution Centers? To many, the difference between a warehouse and distribution center may not be apparent but to anyone in the logistics industry, the two couldn’t be more different. They may look the same from the outside, but there’s a vast difference in the internal operations and what responsibilities […]

Importance of Inventory Management

Importance of Inventory Management Few are the businesses that don’t rely on inventory. Even if yours is a service, rather than product-oriented enterprise, the chances are you have some need to move items through a supply chain. It might be spare parts, consumable items, or perhaps equipment, but if it’s something you need to store […]

Is CMA worth the time, effort and money spent?? What’s the value?

Here are 5 good reasons to go ahead. 1. Gold-Standard in Management Accounting CMA is a much-respected designation in the corporate accounting world. CMA is an advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the critical accounting and financial management skills. 2. Globally Accepted Management Accounting Certification CMA is the most popular management accounting certification worldwide. […]


CPAs = Black Belt Accountants CPA, or certified accountants, are finance professionals who have achieved expertise beyond a “normal” accountant does. This is done through advanced education, training, experience and hard work. If you are an accountant who aspire to become partners in the accounting firm or move up the corporate ladder, then CPA is […]

8 differences between CFA and CPA Programs

Define CFA CFA is known as “Chartered Financial Analyst” Program is a professional certification offered by internationally recognized CFA Institute from USA, formerly known as the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) for the investment and financial professionals. CFAis a globally respected certification and is widely considered to be the gold standard in the […]

Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

About Social Media Management Tools Social Media Management Tools are the tools which preserve and rule all works for Social Media. It allows monitoring and engaging across all your Social Profiles. It provides a report to make sure what you are doing is successful. The main criteria are to choose the right Social Media Management […]

Are you looking forward to know close to today’s new trends in Finance?

Firstly, we need to interpret what the finance is: The management of money or cashis called as Finance.This is practiced to build wealth or assets.In other terms, Finance is reported in two different tasks, such as- The analysis of how money is managed The exact procedure of receiving required capitals or funds This consists of […]

What are today’s new trends in Digital Marketing?

What are today’s new trends in Digital Marketing? Marketing Trends are the pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process of marketing in any business to move in a certain direction over the span of time. To observe a trend, one must not merely be cognizant of what is currently passing off but […]