CMAs role in an Organization as a CFO

The CMAs (Cost Accountants/Certified Management Accountants) play a major role in any organization. The course content for CMA qualification along with practical experience ideally equips a CMA to successfully play the role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in an Organization. Fact is that the CFO’s are responsible for too many things in an organization. […]

The functions of Certified Internal Auditor

About Certified Internal Auditor The short form of Certified Internal Auditor is “CIA.” Internal Auditors those who are Financial Professionals conduct Internal Audits, Test Internal Financial Control and develop Financial Procedures for Business. The Certified Internal Auditor title is awarded by the (IIA) and is the only such achievement that is accepted globally. CIA credential […]

The Advantages of a Career in Accounting

What is Accounting? Accounting is a systematic way of recording Financial Transactions pertaining to a Business, prepares and checks Financial Statements with taxes and other budgetary records. This is also a process of Identifying Verifying Storing Measuring Retrieving Classifying Summarizing Communicating Financial Information It actually shows Profit, Loss, Value and Nature of the business for […]

Article on CFA Charter

What is CFA? If you are interested in a financialadvisory and portfolio management career, and looking for a cost effective certification that will give you global recognition and an intense understanding of finance, then considering CFA program or course is the best ever option. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. This Program is a professional […]

Career opportunities after CPA

About CPA Employers often search for accountants with specific certifications and pay more to accountants who hold them.CPA is a high end accounting professional course. The full abbreviation is Certified Public Accountant. The CPA designation is granted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. CPA designation is a certification of expertise in the field […]

5 reasons why Finance is important in today’s business?

What is meant by Finance? The large amount of managing money or cash, basically by huge private and government entities or organization is said to be Finance. It confines with the study and creation of such as – Money matters. Banking system. Credit system. Investments system. Assets and Liabilities. This combination of all together that […]

Role of Digital Marketing for Effective Business Growth

About Effective Business Growth of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing benefits businesses of all sizes like small, medium, large by giving access to the whole mass market at an affordable effective price. It is unlike Television or Print Advertising, it allows genuinely Personalized Marketing. The main advantage of Digital Marketing is that the targeted customer can […]